Ensuring equity of access to authentic literature for beginning readers

Meet Roger Rosen, CEO of Rosen Publishing, and Erin Lockledge, VP of Rosen Digital Development. With Rosen LevelUp a CODiE 2021 product finalist, we were thrilled to discuss this great topic!

Get Ready for Summer Reading with Rosen LevelUp

LevelUp is the perfect summer literacy solution to help reinforce the most important early literacy concepts! Join us while we introduce the award-winning library and program, which includes interactive phonics books, content supporting PreK–3rd grade instruction, teacher resources, and a fun game environment.

Fostering a love for reading while building a strong foundation of literacy skills in your PreK–3 students

Rosen LevelUp is an adaptive reading platform supporting foundational literacy skills. In this webinar, we introduced the award-winning library and program, which includes interactive phonics books, content supporting PreK–3rd grade instruction, teacher resources, and a fun game environment.

This innovative online platform creates a blended learning environment for real-world application of foundational skills. LevelUp helps to reinforce the most important early literacy concepts and promotes reading in a way that engages our active young readers!

Empowering teachers to expertly guide their students’ reading growth and progress

Explore the educator’s dashboard of resources, which allows teachers to seamlessly instruct in the classroom or provide material for outside learning. With many tools available at the educator’s fingertips, they can easily assign texts, provide activities, and assess comprehension and literacy growth with robust reporting.

Dive into our teacher resources, including:

-Content and tools supporting instruction

-Assessments and gaming controls

-Teacher digital & print resources


-ELA standards correlations for YOUR state

-CCSS integrations available

-Reporting and data capabilities made for differentiating instruction

LevelUp keeps your PreK–3rd grade students engaged

Watch how educators are keeping students learning during this time of blended learning practices. Students access LevelUp through the “easy badge login” and are greeted by a fun and colorful bookshelf of award-winning titles. They can jump right in with phonics activities, decodable books, and “just-right” books.

We explored for students:

-Bookshelves customized for individual students

-The easy-to-use interface


-Supportive tools available for use

-The rewarding game environment

Hear Directly from an Educator: What it looks like having Rosen LevelUp in your school

Rosen LevelUp makes sure you are set to hit the ground running. Our Professional Development team will implement this robust platform into your school and CCSS while getting your educators introduced to the many easy-to-use features and tools!

Justin Fye, an elementary school principal, joined us and shared how his teachers use LevelUp, with personal insights into the efficacy of the product, implementation, professional development, results, and more. Hear from more LevelUp users: click here.

Systematic phonics practice made fun with immersive and interactive activities

Our phonics practice, aligned to a practical scope and sequence, has interactive phonics books with engaging activities, making phonics practice motivating for students and enjoyable for educators. Embedded audio support and decodable fiction and nonfiction texts complement the phonics practice for real-world application.

We explored the phonics activities and how they transition your students from learning to read to reading to learn all within one program. Get your students reading on level by third grade!

Your state’s ELA standards matched!

Rosen LevelUp recognizes your specific state correlations. It removes the stress of aligning bookshelves and allows you to easily find books to support your ELA standards. Quickly and easily integrate LevelUp into existing lesson plans by using “collections!” Teachers can filter more than 2,400 authentic texts to find those that tie to a particular standard in their state and enrich their instruction.

Offering robust, intuitive reporting for analysis, LevelUp puts your specific state’s ELA standards at your fingertips. Forget confusing crosswalks. We do the alignment and report the results so teachers can focus on what matters most—their students!

Get to know Rosen LevelUp!

Rosen LevelUp offers educators and students a PreK–3 foundational literacy resource unlike anything on the market!